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Dennis Martin likes to include results from the ISO 17025 accredited Demartek lab when he speaks at conferences and user group meetings.

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Flash Memory Summit

Demartek Discusses Real-World Performance of Flash-Based Storage Systems at the Flash Memory Summit 2014

June 2014

, President of Demartek, will discuss real-world performance of flash-based storage systems at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.

Flash memory is a key technology enabling new designs for many products in the consumer, computer and enterprise markets. The Flash Memory Summit is the only place where you will hear the people making these products happen! Network with companies and people that will create the next generation of hardware and software at the Flash Memory Summit.

Demartek Presentation

Update: 5 August 2014

View Dennis Martin’s presentation (PDF, 4458 KB)

Update: 14 August 2014

View Dennis Martin’s comments on the Flash Memory Summit 2014.

Real-World Performance of Flash-Based Storage Systems

Intended Audience

Flash Memory Summit 2014

Anyone who is using, buying, developing, or marketing flash-based storage products and wants to understand their performance under real-world conditions. Especially suitable for storage managers, storage engineers, data center managers and engineers, system architects, CTOs and CIOs, product planners, product managers and marketing engineers, design engineers, test engineers, performance analysts, and marketing managers and executives.


How does flash-based storage perform in the real world? Demartek will report the results of vendor-neutral performance tests run on database and virtualization workloads typical of those found in today’s data centers. The tests cover both hybrid and all-flash storage systems from several manufacturers and using a variety of form factors and interfaces. Attendees will come away with reasonable estimates of what they can expect in practice, since the tests are independent and focus on current applications and environments. The results also reveal additional advantages of flash-based storage, with what Dennis Martin calls “happy side effects”. Dennis will also discuss improvements to expect in the near future. Vendors will get an idea of how their products shape up and where they need to put their efforts.

Technologies to be discussed include server-side flash, flash in the storage network, flash in the storage array, hybrid storage arrays, all-flash arrays and various interfaces including NVMe.

About the Instructor:

Dennis Martin is the founder and President of Demartek, an analyst organization focused on validation and performance testing of data center products. Demartek has its own fully equipped and up-to-date test laboratory with the features required to emulate today’s data center environments. Its widely recognized published reports cover products and technologies from both well-known vendors and startups such as Brocade, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Emulex, Fusion-io, HP, IBM, Intel, NetApp, Nimbus Data, and QLogic. Demartek is also the source for popular industry references, including its “Storage Interface Comparison” covering every interface used by storage systems and its “SSD Deployment Guide” that explains everything you need to know to deploy flash-based storage systems in the datacenter. Dennis’ commentary “Horses, Buggies and SSDs” is a must-read for getting the long-term view of flash and other non-volatile storage technologies. Dennis is frequently quoted in the press (in such outlets as TechTarget, Market Watch, and Street Insider) on such topics as best practices for deploying SSD technologies and analyzing performance claims for all-flash arrays. A 30-year veteran of the technology industry, Dennis was previously a Senior Analyst with Evaluator Group and a marketing and engineering executive with StorageTek. He has been a Microsoft storage MVP since 2005.

Flash Memory Summit 2015

Be sure to attend the Demartek 2015 Flash Memory Summit Presentation.

The Flash Memory Summit will be held at:

Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Pkwy.
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Click the link to get the complete agenda and registration information for Flash Memory Summit.