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Demartek SSD Deployment Guide

27 August 2012

By , Demartek President

Solid state storage is transforming the entire computing industry. Solid state storage has completely revolutionized consumer electronics products, replacing spinning disk drives in virtually every category of consumer devices. This same enthusiasm for solid state storage has moved into the data center. Because of this interest, Demartek has produced this Demartek SSD Deployment Guide 2012-Q2, one in a series of technology deployment guides.

This guide is designed for managers and technical professionals within IT departments who are exploring the possible benefits of SSD technology or who are looking for actual deployment examples of SSD storage solutions. The Demartek SSD Deployment Guide is designed to provide basic information about SSDs and practical guidance for planning and deploying SSD technology and products. This is primarily a technical document, including information about the types of solid state media that are available, form factors, deployment examples, and more.

Update 1 June 2012 — During the first 30 days that this report was available, we had more than 1000 downloads of this report.

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Demartek SSD Deployment Guide 2012-Q2

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