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Demartek provides real-world, hands-on research & analysis by focusing on industry analysis and lab validation testing in its ISO 17025 accredited test lab.

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Demartek Expert Q&A: Five questions on SSD

16 January 2012

, Demartek President, was interviewed by SearchDataCenter as part of their Expert Q&A series.

Everyone wants better storage performance and solid state drive (SSD) devices can deliver data at phenomenal speeds while also saving energy. But can your data center’s network handle the data equivalent of switching from a water bubbler to a fire hose before making such a costly investment? In this Q&A, storage expert Dennis Martin, founder and president of Demartek, a computer industry analyst organization, shares his insights on SSD technology and addresses the concerns every potential SSD adopter should consider.

Q: What are the strongest justifications/drivers for bringing SSDs into data center storage arrays?

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Q: What about traffic saturation on iSCSI and FCoE. Would too many SSDs flood I/O on the SAN? How do I monitor and prevent this?

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Q: How is SSD reliability advancing, and what do adopters need to consider?

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Q: What about wear-leveling and limited SSD write cycles? How do I monitor and handle this?

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