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Dennis Martin likes to include results from the ISO 17025 accredited Demartek lab when he speaks at conferences and user group meetings.

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Principled Technologies has acquired Demartek We are pleased to announce that Principled Technologies has acquired Demartek.

Demartek Presents at Data Storage Innovation (DSI) Conference June 2016

DSI 2016

March 2016

, President of Demartek, will present at the Data Storage Innovation (DSI) Conference in San Mateo, California, June 13-15, 2016.

The DSI Conference is for decision-makers, technology implementers, and those expected to recognize, influence, and support data storage innovation as actual production solutions. DSI is owned and produced by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and is being specifically differentiated from SNIA’s long-running Storage Developer Conference (SDC).

Demartek sessions:

Learn Your Alphabet - SRIOV, NPIV, RoCE, iWARP - to Pump Up Virtual Infrastructure Performance

In an increasingly virtualized server environment, new technologies have emerged that help accelerate the performance of applications within those virtual machines as they connect to external storage or external networks. What do these acronyms mean, where should they be used and what kinds of improvements should be expected? In this session, Dennis Martin explains the concepts involved and shows examples of how these technologies can improve performance of storage and networking in VMware, Hyper-V and even on physical machines.

Update: View the Demartek RoCE Deployment Guide.

Identifying Performance Bottlenecks with Real-World Applications and Flash-Based Storage

Where are today’s storage performance bottlenecks, how do you find them and how does adding flash storage affect them? Demartek will report the results (IOPS, throughput and latency) of vendor-neutral performance tests run on database and virtualization workloads typical of those found in today’s data centers. The tests cover both hybrid and all-flash solutions from several manufacturers and using a variety of form factors and interfaces. You will come away with reasonable estimates of what to expect in practice, observe how different workloads affect storage system performance and notice the difference in performance results depending on where the measurements were taken. Technologies discussed include server-side flash, hybrid storage arrays, all-flash arrays and various interfaces including NVMe.

Learning objectives:

Storage Systems Can Now Get ENERGY STAR Labels and Why You Should Care

Presentation: Storage Systems Can Now Get ENERGY STAR Labels and Why You Should Care We all know about ENERGY STAR labels on refrigerators and other household appliances. In an effort to drive energy efficiency in data centers, storage systems can now get ENERGY STAR certification through the EPA ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage program. This program uses the taxonomies and test methods described in the SNIA Emerald Power Efficiency Measurement specification, which is part of the SNIA Green Storage Initiative. In this session, Dennis Martin, President of Demartek, the first SNIA Emerald Recognized Tester company, will discuss the similarities and differences in power supplies used in computers you build yourself and in data center storage equipment, 80PLUS ratings, and why it is more efficient to run your storage systems at 230v or 240v rather than 115v or 120v. Dennis will share his experiences running the EPA ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage tests in the Demartek lab for storage systems and why vendors want to get approved.

Learning objectives:

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