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Demartek Evaluation of Dell - Samsung - Aerospike Fraud Prevention Solution

23 December 2015

Credit card fraud prevention is among the most time-sensitive and high-value of IT tasks. The databases are large, the queries are complex, with many millions of transactions happening at any given moment and every transaction must complete in a very limited amount of time. Until recently, applications of this complexity and scale required multiple copies of data across several databases, with lots of compute and storage resources backing them. Real-time transactions are often not possible, and businesses are forced to make tradeoffs between performance and reliability of their fraud prevention services.

New technologies are coming to the rescue. NoSQL databases like Aerospike are designed from the ground up to take advantage of the newest server and storage offering from Dell and Samsung. By harnessing the extremely fast performance of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) SSDs, data can be delivered to fraud prevention engines at speeds that were previously impossible. By standardizing the interface for PCIe solid state drives with performance enhancing features like optimized I/O queuing and support for parallel operations within each I/O queue, NVMe devices enable extremely low I/O request latency. When coupled with large bandwidths and throughput for each individual SSD, NVMe SSDs significantly reduce response times for complex workloads and real-time operations on large datasets.

Dell, a leading vendor of enterprise servers, commissioned Demartek to validate the performance of a complex fraud prevention analysis workload powered by the Aerospike NoSQL database running on a cluster of Dell PowerEdge R730xd servers with Samsung SM1715 NVMe SSDs. The Aerospike distributed NoSQL database is optimized for extremely fast transactions on flash storage, making the PowerEdge R730xd server and SM1715 NVMe drives an ideal platform to deliver exceptional transactional performance for a robust application experience.

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Dell/Samsung/Aerospike Fraud Prevention Benchmark