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Dennis Martin often shares test results from the Demartek lab when he speaks at conferences, user group meetings, etc. View his speaking schedule at the Events and Speaking page.

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Demartek Makes the Case for SSDs at the October 2011 RMWTUG Meeting

17 October 2011

, President of Demartek and Microsoft MVP, will make the case for SSD technology at the October 2011 Rocky Mountain Windows Technology User Group (RMWTUG) meeting. This meeting will be held online on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 12 noon Mountain time. This meeting is open to the public.


Everybody knows that solid-state storage runs fast and cool, and uses far less power than hard disk alternatives. And everybody knows that solid state is expensive, too. In this session, we will see where SSD can have the most impact in a storage environment, including looking at the various implementation alternatives. We will discuss the device choices and data placement choices you need to make when considering SSD deployments. We will also crunch the numbers with a financial breakdown of SSD implementation and help you determine if solid state is cost effective for your company, taking into account newer technologies like automated tiering that make solid state a more viable alternative in some cases.

Included in the presentation will be results from various SSD lab tests conducted at the Demartek lab.

Instructions for attending this online meeting:


Due to the large interest in SSD technology, Demartek will be giving away at least one SSD on October 31, 2011. We will select the winner by randomly drawing names from our free monthly email newsletter list at 10:00 a.m. MDT on October 31, 2011. No purchase is necessary to be eligible for this drawing. Details are available on the Demartek SSD Giveaway page.

25 October 2011

View the slides from this October 21, 2011 presentation (724KB, PDF) here.