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Demartek EMC VFCache Evaluation

6 February 2012

By , Demartek President

IT professionals are seeking ways to increase the performance of mission-critical applications and are looking to solid state storage as a way to make this happen. However, it is not economically feasible to replace large quantities of spinning hard disk storage with solid state storage. Are there ways to achieve significant performance gains with a small amount of solid state storage that are simple to manage?

SSD caching is becoming an excellent way to deploy solid state storage. SSD caching is able to significantly improve performance because it puts a copy of frequently accessed data into the cache, benefiting any application whose data is in the cache. This causes significant performance gains for various application workloads, especially database workloads, without having to store all the application data on solid state storage.

EMC commissioned Demartek to evaluate its VFCache Flash caching solution for its ability to improve several types of database workloads running on EMC Symmetrix VMAX and EMC VNX storage systems. The tests included deploying EMC VFCache in servers running Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database workloads connected to EMC storage systems.

“VFCache leverages PCIe Flash technology to achieve new levels of performance,” said Barry Ader, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, EMC Flash Business Unit. “Demartek’s validation of VFCache illustrates the sheer power of combining PCIe flash with intelligent software — coupled with EMC storage to extend the expected level of protection and intelligence that enterprise customers require.”

View the Demartek EMC VFCache Evaluation

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Demartek EMC VFCache Evaluation