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Demartek Publishes Article on Best Practices for SSD Technologies

July 2013 Storage Magazine July 2013

No longer a luxury item for well-heeled data centers, SSD technologies are more affordable than ever and come in a variety of form factors with a choice of deployment options.

Solid-state storage technology has completely revolutionized consumer electronics products, replacing spinning disk drives in virtually all types of compact consumer devices such as mobile telephones and tablet PCs, and becoming the standard for ultra-thin laptop computers. The same benefits and enthusiasm for solid-state storage are now being felt in data centers.

While the number of units shipped for some types of hard disk drives (HDDs) is declining, solid-state drive (SSD) shipments continue to soar, and are quickly gaining acceptance for enterprise applications. Solid-state storage is a good fit for database applications, virtualized servers, virtual desktop environments and other workloads that need higher performance.

The complete article is available in the July 2013 edition of Storage Magazine.