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Demartek Comments on Windows Server File Classification Infrastructure

February 2010

, Demartek President, commented on the File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) that is part of Windows Server for an article at The file classification infrastructure gives users and administrators the ability to provide additional metadata to files as they are created or modified. This feature is especially useful for those organizations that need to organize and classify data for regulatory compliance or other similar needs.

Dennis Martin, a Microsoft files and systems storage expert and president of the Arvada, Colo.-based IT research and analysis firm Demartek, tested FCI in his lab. He said that although it doesn't do everything under the sun, it provides a nice framework.

The feature makes file management easier for big companies that need to classify data for compliance or policy reasons. FCI is also handy for companies that do a lot of file sharing, since FCI classifications also carry over to SharePoint, Martin said.

For example, two suppliers sending files back and forth to one another can use keywords, such as "stock exchange," and any files with those properties are classified as sensitive financial data and are rolled into the proper place, Martin said.

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