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Demartek STEC s1120 PCIe Accelerator and EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software Evaluation

20 February 2013

Solid state storage continues to gain acceptance in enterprise data centers, providing increased performance and lower latency for mission-critical applications. Enterprises have a variety of choices to make when it comes to deploying SSD technology, including SSD form factors and data placement strategies.

STEC commissioned Demartek to evaluate its s1120 PCIe Accelerators in both primary storage and caching configurations with its EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software, and to compare these solutions to a more traditional Fibre Channel SAN hard disk drive storage solution. The STEC PCIe Accelerators provided outstanding performance in terms of database transactions per second, bandwidth and latency. This evaluation was conducted in the Demartek lab in Colorado.

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Demartek Evaluation of STEC S1120 PCIe SSD