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Demartek Presents Reaping the Rewards of SAS Deployments

Update 10 May 2012

View Dennis Martin's presentation Reaping the Rewards of SAS Deployments (PDF 608 KB) from the STA Technology Showcase. To view other presentations from this event, go to

April 2012

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), and its predecessor SCSI, have been available for years and used for direct attached storage. Dennis Martin, President of Demartek, will explore how SAS is maturing in the datacenter. He will discuss SAS as a disk drive interface, as a host interface to modern storage systems, and in a small shared storage environment. He will also explain how SAS compares to other storage interfaces, will show some latency test results from the Demartek lab, and how this technology fits into IT departments and enterprises of all sizes. In addition, he will discuss the current 6Gb/s SAS interface and the roadmap for 12Gb/s SAS, along with newer cabling options and more.

In today’s digital environment which continues to explode at a historically unprecedented rate, the datacenter has evolved into an atmosphere of increasing storage complexities, high transaction processing and a fracturing enterprise that can all add up to an unruly “beast.” At this year’s SCSI Trade Association (STA) Technology Showcase, attendees will see first-hand how cutting-edge SAS technology solutions are tackling these issues and “Taming the Data Beast.”

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