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Demartek Publishes Evaluation of Quarch Torridon Test Equipment

22 March 2010

Demartek evaluated the Torridon disk storage test equipment from Quarch Technology, Ltd. in the Demartek lab. This equipment provides automated testing functions for storage arrays by managing and manipulating the individual control lines between disk controllers and individual disk drives. The Torridon system allows for full automation of insertion and removal of disk drives from a storage enclosure without physically having to remove or insert the drives. The Torridon system also allows virtually any error condition to be programmatically created and repeated, with precise timings for each of the signals on the interface.

The Torridon system provides test modules for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch SAS and SATA disk drives, SBB cannisters, PSUs and data cables.

We found that the Quarch Torridon testing solution was a useful and flexible tool for conducting manual and automated testing of the interface between disk controllers and disk drives. It is suitable for complete system test automation as well as fault injection and debugging down to the individual signal level.

View the Demartek Evaluation of Quarch Torridon Test Equipment (PDF, 4447 KB)

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