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Demartek Evaluation of NetApp Hybrid Array with Flash Pool Technology

16 May 2014

As flash storage options proliferate and become accepted in the enterprise, IT professionals must analyze various types of flash storage solutions in order to determine the best fit for many of their applications. Continuous access to data is a key factor to consider when selecting a storage system for important applications.

NetApp addresses these challenges with their Hybrid Array – Flash Pool technology along with clustered Data ONTAP®. Flash Pool technology accelerates storage performance for volumes and resources for host applications and clients.

NetApp commissioned Demartek to evaluate the effectiveness of Flash Pool with different types and numbers of hard disk drives using an online transaction processing (OLTP) database workload, and to evaluate the performance of Flash Pool in a clustered Data ONTAP environment during a cluster storage node failover scenario. The configurations tested included SAS HDD + SSD for performance and SATA HDD + SSD for balance of performance and capacity – storage efficiency.

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Demartek Evaluation of NetApp Hybrid Array with FlashPool Technology