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Demartek Evaluation of LSI Nytro XD Caching Solution

10 September 2012

IT professionals who oversee the performance of mission-critical applications are looking for ways to increase performance and decrease latency for these applications. While these IT professionals want to improve the performance of these applications, they do not have unlimited resources and must achieve these improvements frequently with limited budgets.

Enterprise-level flash technology is transforming the computing environment and is bringing high performance storage to the datacenter environment. Flash-based caching is an excellent way to bring the high performance and low latency of flash technology at a minimal cost and without requiring application changes or back-end storage changes.

Read-intensive workloads can be very time-consuming and stressful on a storage system. For these workloads, either there is a fixed amount of work that must be completed as fast as possible, or there is an ongoing amount of bursty work with relatively unpredictable load levels. In either case, performance and latency are critical for these workloads, and anything that can be done to increase performance and decrease latency improve the user experience and allow work to be completed in less time.

LSI commissioned Demartek to evaluate its Nytro™ XD Application Acceleration Solution, a product that caches storage area network (SAN) or direct attached storage (DAS) storage on server-side Nytro WarpDrive™ PCI Express®-connected flash card. This evaluation was conducted in the Demartek lab in Arvada, Colorado and its purpose was to measure performance and latency improvements using a read-intensive decision support workload on an enterprise database software platform.

The LSI Nytro XD solution performed in an outstanding manner, increasing database application performance significantly. View the full report to get the details.

View the Demartek Evaluation of LSI Nytro XD Caching Solution September 2012

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Demartek Evaluation of LSI Nytro XD Caching Solution

This is an updated version of the LSI Nytro XD evaluation. The previous version of this report is also available.