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Demartek Publishes Evaluation of LSI MegaRAID FastPath Performance

15 November 2010

Interest in solid-state storage (SSS) is high, and IT professionals are beginning to explore various ways to take advantage of the increased performance and reduced power consumption that SSS offers. Various enterprise applications across the spectrum of size and complexity may be good candidates for SSS.

SSS can be deployed directly as primary storage where the users decide what data to place on the storage, or it can be deployed as a cache in front of traditional storage, where the storage controller determines what data is placed on the SSS or solid state disk (SSD). Each implementation has advantages.

LSI Corporation commissioned Demartek to evaluate MegaRAID FastPath software in a web server environment. FastPath software is a high-performance IO accelerator for SSD arrays connected to a MegaRAID controller card. FastPath is an optimized version of LSI’s MegaRAID technology that is designed with SSDs in mind, taking advantage of the increased read and write performance of SSDs. FastPath is used for primary storage where the user places files directly on the SSD devices.

We achieved outstanding results in the webserver environment using FastPath software.

View the Demartek Evaluation of LSI MegaRAID FastPath Performance

(PDF, 412 KB)

Demartek LSI FastPath Performance Evaluation in a Web Server Environment


This report is part of a series of reports evaluating the LSI MegaRAID SSD management functions.

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