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Demartek Emulex LPe16000B 16GFC HBA Evaluation

1 October 2012

The computing industry is experiencing an increasing demand for storage performance and bandwidth due to increases in virtual machine density, increasing demands for application performance and continual data growth. Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) carry the bulk of storage traffic in the enterprise data center and are beginning to feel the stresses of these increased demands.

In many cases, enterprises are currently constrained by the available bandwidth between the servers and storage, or foresee a constraint as they observe their growing data consumption patterns.

Emulex has released its second-generation 16Gb Fibre Channel (16GFC) host bus adapter (HBA), known as the LPe16000B, to address these increasing demands on storage performance.

Demartek audited the results of some tests recently completed using the Emulex LPe16000B 16GFC HBA. This data shows that the new LPe16000B performance is the fastest Fibre Channel HBA in the market. The LPe16000B uses a new on-board controller that delivers approximately 1.2 million IOPS at 512 bytes, 1K byte and 2K byte block sizes for reads, writes and a read/write mix and all with extremely fast response times.

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