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Demartek Evaluation of EMC VNX8000 and XtremSW Cache

4 September 2013

As enterprises consider the ever-growing demands for improved performance and lower latency of mission-critical applications, IT organizations are turning to the undeniable advantages provided by flash-based storage solutions. Flash-based storage solutions are maturing, providing greater performance and supporting larger numbers of host servers than ever before.

While adding SSD technology in one place in the infrastructure greatly improves performance, adding SSD technology in two places in the infrastructure, such as in the server and in the storage system, can provide additional benefits. Furthermore, SSD technology can be deployed in the storage system in multiple ways, including using the SSD technology as primary storage or using it as a cache in front of spinning disk drives.

Combined with SSD technology in the array and in the server, the newest generation of EMC VNX Series provides a more robust solution and supports larger total workloads than ever before. EMC commissioned Demartek to evaluate the performance of its VNX8000 storage system with MCx (multi-core optimization) and SSD technology, along with its server-side flash software EMC XtremSW Cache.

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