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Demartek Publishes Microsoft iSCSI Storage Deployment White Paper

15 June 2007

In an effort to provide an improved experience for the growing iSCSI storage market, Microsoft and its storage partners have created various iSCSI target solutions for the Microsoft Windows Server environment. These solutions include iSCSI targets based on Microsoft’s iSCSI target software and storage partner hardware, and iSCSI targets based on storage partner iSCSI target software and hardware. This paper provides an update on the state of iSCSI storage technology and specifics on several Microsoft storage partner solutions, including the deployment of each solution for specific solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS).

This report is designed for managers of IT departments and system administrators who are exploring the possible benefits of iSCSI storage solutions or who are looking for actual deployment examples of iSCSI storage solutions.

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