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Demartek Evaluation - Accelerating SQL Server 2016 with Dell PowerEdge R930 and Emulex Fibre Channel

Achieved 2x Faster SQL Server Performance

28 June 2016

Large enterprises choose four-socket servers to power their most demanding workloads, including big data analytics and dense virtualization deployments. The latest Dell PowerEdge R930 four-socket server leverages the current Intel® Xeon® E7 v4 processor family to deliver the highest levels of performance.

Concurrently, datacenters are pairing their high-performance Dell 4-socket servers with solid-state (flash) storage systems to improve storage performance so that it matches the performance of the new servers. Fibre Channel is primarily selected as the host interface to meet their flash storage requirements. In many cases, however, deploying solid-state storage often moves the performance bottleneck to the storage network. This situation often drives users to seek higher performance from their storage network infrastructure.

Dell commissioned Demartek to evaluate its PowerEdge R930 server connected to a Dell Storage SC9000 all-flash storage array using three different generations of Emulex Fibre Channel (FC) adapters in a SQL Server 2016 database data warehousing environment. We found that the combination of the new Dell PowerEdge R930 server, Dell Storage SC9000 all-flash array and Emulex Gen 6 (32GFC) HBAs provided the performance needed to alleviate network bottlenecks that can be caused by all-flash arrays and dramatically improve data warehousing application performance. We achieved 2x faster SQL Server performance, among other things.

Update: English and Chinese translations of this report are available.

View the Demartek Evaluation - Accelerating SQL Server 2016 with Dell PowerEdge R930 and Emulex Fibre Channel

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用 Dell PowerEdge R930 和 Emulex 光纤通道为 SQL Server 2016 加速

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Accelerating SQL Server 2016 with Dell and Emulex