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Demartek provides real-world, hands-on research & analysis by focusing on industry analysis and lab validation testing in its ISO 17025 accredited test lab.

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Dennis Martin Discusses Data Center Storage Bottlenecks

1 February 2013

, Demartek President, was interviewed by SearchDataCenter as part of their Expert Q&A series.

Q: Where do you see storage bottlenecks occurring in today's data centers? For example, are we having the most problems at network switches or in the storage array itself? Are the applications just too demanding or are there other key pain points?

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Q: What are the best solutions to those storage bottlenecks? For example, is it a matter of a network upgrade/rearchitecting, new array deployment and more?

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Q: How can data center owners stay ahead of bottlenecks moving forward? For example, is it a matter of more careful capacity planning, or are there other guidelines/best practices that you suggest?

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