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Demartek Evaluation of the Chelsio T580-CR 40GbE iSCSI Offload Adapter

October 2016

As application processing demands increase and the amount of data continues to grow, getting this data into and out of the processor as efficiently as possible is becoming increasingly important. For application servers using iSCSI storage systems, deploying an iSCSI offload adapter can reduce host CPU utilization while maintaining excellent performance.

Chelsio commissioned Demartek to evaluate its T580-CR 40GbE iSCSI Offload adapter with synthetic and real-world workloads, comparing the performance and host CPU utilization with and without the iSCSI offload functions.

For this project, we used synthetic and real-world workload tools. The synthetic workloads test specific combinations of I/O request parameters such as block size, queue depth, etc. The real-world workloads use the real applications that customers have running in a real environment. Both types of workloads provide valid and valuable information about the performance of the system or device under test.

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