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Demartek provides real-world, hands-on research & analysis by focusing on industry analysis and lab validation testing of server, network, storage and security technologies, for the small and medium business (SMB) environment and the large enterprise.

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Demartek Plans Configuration Topics for Upcoming SharePoint Best Practices Conference

20 July 2009 - Free Seat Giveaway

Best Practices Conference, Aug. 24-26, 2009, Washington, DC

Everyone likes free stuff, especially when it is of high value. That is why I wanted to let you know about the Free Seat Giveaway that the Best Practices Conference is doing. All you have to do is get a bunch of friends to sign up for the conference eNewsletter and put your name down as the referral source. The top ten referrals will receive a free conference pass for the conference, as a thank you.

Here is what the conference has promised: “This is not a spam list. Your name and your friend’s name will not be sold, it will not be given to third party vendors, we won’t bombard you with unnecessary email. This is our way to stay in touch with people interested in our conference, period.”

For more details, and to register for this promotion:

14 April 2009

, President of Demartek, will present two sessions (see below) at the upcoming Best Practices Conference, August 24-26, 2009, for SQL Server and SharePoint Server. He is looking for the specific topics of interest to the SQL Server and SharePoint communities with respect to server, network and storage configurations. He will run various tests in the Demartek lab and share the results at the conference.

For example, would you like to know how SQL Server and SharePoint behave differently when:

Perhaps you would like to know how SharePoint behaves in particular configurations or under particular loads.

Session Abstracts and Schedule

ITP248, Storage Best Practices for SharePoint Server - Part 1, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2:55 p.m.

In this part one of a two-part session, we will examine why storage is critical for SQL Server and SharePoint server. A good storage configuration can make SQL Server run smoothly, but a bad storage configuration provides no end to problems. In this session, we will explore some of the basics of storage devices, the advantages and disadvantages of SATA, SAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel and several other storage technologies. Then we will dive into storage best practices.

ITP255, Storage Best Practices for SharePoint Server - Part 2, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 4:20 p.m.

In this part two of a two-part session, we will examine the results of applying the storage best practices discussed in part one. Based on lab tests conducted in the Demartek lab, we will show the effects of different types and configurations of storage on SharePoint Servers. We will also discuss 32-bit and 64-bit memory, different versions of Windows Server and other factors that affect performance of SharePoint Servers.