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Demartek Publishes Article on the State of Network Storage Technologies

February 2013

While often overlooked, there's a lot happening with network storage technologies to keep up with the ever-increasing I/O demands coming from virtualized servers and storage.

Storage networks, much like their data networking kin, tend to evolve slowly, with enterprises approaching tech refreshes cautiously and incrementally. But the IT computing landscape is undergoing profound change in response to new demands and the new technologies designed to address those demands.

The sheer number of applications a typical data center hosts and the amount of data these applications churn through directly stress storage networks. The unprecedented volume of data being generated today due to the proliferation of devices such as smartphones, surveillance cameras, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and countless other devices with sensors places new demands on storage systems and the storage networking technologies that link them to servers and other client devices.

The complete article is available in the February 2013 edition of Storage Magazine.