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Demartek Publishes Article on the Impact of SSD Technology on the Network and CPU

April 2011

, Demartek President, has written an article describing how SSD technology affects the performance balance among CPU, memory, networks and storage. The article also explains why SSDs and 10 gigabit networking can be a good match.

You’ve probably seen television advertisements for medications where the announcer eventually says “possible side effects include …” and then describes a long list of potential adverse conditions that may occur when taking it. It might be useful to do the same thing when describing the benefits of solid-state drives (SSDs). The good news is that some side effects associated with SSD technology may actually benefit you.

SSDs have the ability to move bottlenecks away from storage and expose new bottlenecks in systems, sometimes in unexpected places. Based on the tests we've been running in our lab over the past couple of years, I would like to focus on two areas of IT infrastructure that can be affected when SSDs are deployed the network and the CPU...

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