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Demartek Publishes Evaluation of QLogic-HP SSCM Software

16 February 2011

There has been much confusion and discussion about the ease of installation and the ease of use of Fibre Channel storage. Some technology professionals, after looking at Fibre Channel storage technology, have decided that it is too complicated and have concluded that deploying iSCSI storage, running over Ethernet, would be simpler. Although Ethernet may be ubiquitous, many network administrators have little knowledge or experience managing storage. Basic storage management knowledge is needed to successfully manage storage regardless of the interface to the storage. QLogic Corporation commissioned Demartek to evaluate the ease of installation and the ease of use of HP StorageWorks Simple SAN Connection Manager (SSCM) enterprise software that QLogic developed for HP as part of the HP StorageWorks H-series Fibre Channel switch portfolio. SSCM enterprise software provides a simple, wizard-based procedure to configure and manage Fibre Channel SAN agent components, including host bus adapters, Fibre Channel switches, and storage arrays. SSCM allows a complete Fibre Channel SAN to be deployed in minutes.

In this report we compare deploying a Fibre Channel SAN with the SSCM enterprise software to deploying an iSCSI SAN in the traditional method.

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Demartek HP-QLogic SSCM Software Evaluation


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