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Demartek Data Destruction Presentation

Demartek Presentation on How to Fully Delete Data from a Disk Drive — May 2013

With the ever-changing fabric of technology today there are often good reasons to upgrade hardware and computer systems periodically. Once the upgrade, or new technology has been implemented (i.e. a new desktop or laptop for personal, or commercial use) then a plan for how to dispose of the old technology must be considered. All-to-often there is a lack of thought put into how to securely, safely, and thoroughly "wipe" a computer's drives clean before repurposing, selling, donating or disposing it.

One of the many reasons it is important to completely erase all data from a hard drive or storage drives is to ensure personal or corporate private and financial data doesn't get into the wrong hands, causing potentially devastating loss to the company or individual disposing of the device. Many people, however, are unsure how to best permanently delete files and information from a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD). Demartek has provided vital information, including data sanitization methods approved by the NSA and NIST, in public presentations to individuals wishing to gain knowledge on safely and thoroughly cleaning this sensitive information from their devices.

, Demartek President, is available to speak on this topic to civic groups and other interested parties. Call the Demartek office at (303) 940-7575 to inquire or make arrangements.

The free Demartek "How to Fully Delete Data from a Disk Drive" presentation is provided for our clients and friends due to the popularity and necessity of this information.

View the presentation here. (PDF, 794 KB)