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Demartek Publishes FCoE and iSCSI Performance Evaluation of Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter X520

8 September 2010

As the interest in converged networks grows, and as the vendors from the traditional Ethernet adapter and Fibre Channel adapter marketplaces produce converged products, questions arise about the capabilities and performance of each type of adapter. Intel commissioned Demartek to compare the performance of the their server adapter that supports Ethernet, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and iSCSI protocols with those of the two leading Fibre Channel adapter vendors.

A series of application performance workloads were run and repeated for each of the three competing converged adapters connecting servers to storage in a Data Center Bridging (DCB)/FCoE environment. The goal of this testing was to evaluate products in environments similar to actual customer environments. As a result, these tests were performed with well-known disk storage arrays with spinning disk drives in FCoE and iSCSI configurations similar to those typically found in customer datacenters, rather than testing theoretical performance with specialized hardware not typically found in customer environments.

View the Demartek Performance Evaluation of Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter X520 (PDF, 3045 KB)

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