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Demartek Interview:
To Use 16Gbps Fibre Channel or Not - That Is The Question

11 September 2013

The computing industry is experiencing an increasing demand for storage performance and bandwidth, causing many to ask questions about when and how best to upgrade storage networks to the latest generation. With increases in virtual machine density, increasing demands for application performance and continual data growth, there is an increasingly obvious need for new technology to support these larger workloads.

Demartek recently sat down with HP to discuss a new 16G Fibre Channel HBA that addresses this ever-increasing demand. A few separate test configuration where established and run through the paces and the results were compiled and compared.

In this podcast interview, Dennis Martin offers his insights on the the state of storage networks as well as results from testing HP's new host bus adapter.


Please visit the HP Website to listen to the interview. You can also read the transcript, related documents, as well as Demartek’s evaluation summary.