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Demartek Evaluation: HPE 3PAR Snapshots

January 2017

All-flash arrays are becoming increasingly common in the data center. Raw performance numbers continue to improve as maturing technology increases bandwidth and throughput while decreasing I/O response times. To stand out amongst competing high-performance storage systems, simple-to-use yet robust storage management features are critical.

HPE 3PAR All-Flash storage systems support a number of features that enable customers to fully exploit performance capabilities by enhancing management and user experience. This paper will focus on four critical features—snapshots, storage domains, user roles, and priority optimization. HPE commissioned Demartek to evaluate the business advantages of authorizing users to create virtual copy snapshots to create test and development data from a live production system. New non-production workloads were then run simultaneously with production to demonstrate how the storage system can guarantee levels of service based on defined priorities.

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