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Demartek Publishes Evaluation of IBM/QLogic FCoE Server and Storage Solution

5 May 2010

IBM and QLogic commissioned Demartek to perform a hands-on evaluation of a server and storage solution using Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Fibre Channel (FC) technologies working together in an end-to-end solution. This evaluation included installing and deploying an IBM server with a QLogic Converged Network Adapter (CNA) connected to an FCoE infrastructure that was connected to an IBM DS4700 Fibre Channel storage system.

We found that a server with an FCoE CNA connected to a DCB/FCoE switch works as expected when connected to existing native Fibre Channel storage infrastructure. From a storage management viewpoint, managing the FCoE components was equivalent to managing traditional FC components. The host operating system, applications and storage subsystem worked as expected and in the same manner as if an end-to-end Fibre Channel infrastructure had been deployed. Connecting existing native Fibre Channel storage subsystems to an FCoE infrastructure was seamless and would be straightforward for a storage administrator comfortable with Fibre Channel storage systems.

As enterprises plan new datacenters or new server and storage infrastructure, FCoE and DCB technology should be carefully examined. They offer the potential for increased performance, a reduction in the number of adapters needed and a commensurate reduction in electric power consumption, while working with existing FC infrastructure.

View the Demartek Evaluation of IBM/QLogic FCoE Server and Storage Solution

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