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Demartek Releases ENERGY STAR® Datacenter Storage Certification Process Video

26 June 2015

The EPA ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage Program aims to improve energy efficiency in data center products. The demand for ENERGY STAR systems by customers is increasing, partly because US federal agencies are required to purchase ENERGY STAR products if a specification is available.

Demartek is proud to be a recognized test lab for the EPA ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage Program. We have a fully provisioned IT test lab with current generation servers and data center infrastructure, as well as knowledgeable staff, to drive the energy efficiency testing and submit official test results. Our infrastructure includes multiple speeds of Ethernet and Fibre Channel switches and adapters that are frequently used to connect storage systems.

To help you better understand the process of gaining certification on your products, we have created an ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage case study. During the next 5 minutes, you’ll gain basic knowledge of the program and how the process would work if you contacted Demartek to help you with your testing.

Demartek ENERGY STAR Testing Brochure

Demartek ENERGY STAR Certification Process