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Demartek Comments on Tax Fraud Phone Scam

18 April 2016

By , Demartek President

Last week I was called from the telephone number 202-899-9037 by an automated system claiming that they have

“received legal petition notice concerning a tax fraud against you. So before this matter goes to the federal claims courthouse or before you get arrested, please call immediately on our department number 202-899-9037. Make sure you call us as soon as possible.”

This is yet another example of a scam attempting to frighten and commit fraud. I did not return their call.

I saved this voice mail so that you can listen to it for yourself.

You may also want to read the Demartek Identity Theft Prevention Tips and Commentary, available in English and Spanish. Other scam attempts that we have received are listed under “related content” on the left column of this page.

Official IRS page: Tax Scams/Consumer Alerts

The IRS has a full page discussing tax scams and consumer alerts that is updated periodically.