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Demartek Attends SNIA Emerald Power Efficiency Training

16 July 2013

Demartek announces that it participated in the SNIA Emerald Power Efficiency Training program held at the SNIA Technology Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, during the week of June 24, 2013. Demartek brought one of its high-performance servers along with an all-flash array to the event to demonstrate how to run the SNIA Emerald tests.


The SNIA Emerald program provides public access to storage system power usage and efficiency through use of a well-defined testing procedure. SNIA Emerald is part of the SNIA Green Storage Initiative that is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and conservation in all networked storage technologies and minimizing the environmental impact of data storage operations.

Demartek demonstrated how to run the SNIA Emerald test suite with an electric power meter in its configuration to measure the power efficiency of the storage system under test. Demartek also showed the class attendees the results of the testing, including some of the power efficiency charts. The data showed in this class was not necessarily optimized to show the “best foot forward” test parameters, but Demartek demonstrated how to obtain the “best foot forward” testing parameters. Demartek also presented its lab testing capabilities to the class attendees.

Demartek SNIA Emerald Class Configuration Diagram - June 2013

Demartek SNIA Emerald Class MBPS/Watt Chart - June 2013