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Demartek Astute Networks ViSX G4 iSCSI Flash Storage Appliance Evaluation

Update — Astute Networks, maker of the ViSX storage appliance based in San Diego, California, ceased operations, closed, shutdown and went out of business as of mid-year 2014.

7 May 2013

The demands on IT professionals to meet the performance requirements of the growing number and variety of applications and operating environments have never been greater. Storage professionals need to ensure that the storage systems they deploy today can provide the performance required for these applications. These professionals also seek storage systems that are easy to deploy and maintain.

Astute addresses these challenges with their all-flash ViSX G4 Performance Storage Appliance with its patented 10GbE Data Pump Engine and Networked Flash architecture. The ViSX G4, due to its integrated DataPump Engine, completely offloads and accelerates TCP and iSCSI protocol processing, providing high performance especially in transaction processing environments. The ViSX Performance Storage Appliances are designed to excel at highly random I/O workloads, which are frequently found in database, virtual server and virtual desktop environments.

Astute commissioned Demartek to compare the performance of their all-flash ViSX G4 Storage Appliance with two competing all-flash storage arrays. One of these competing arrays is currently available from a major storage vendor, and the other is currently available from a “start-up” storage vendor.

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