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Demartek Publishes Pillar Data Systems Drive Rebuild Comparison White Paper

23 April 2008

Pillar Data Systems commissioned Demartek to compare the drive rebuild times to hot spares of the Pillar Data Systems Axiom 500, EMC CX3-40 and Network Appliance FAS3050c storage systems. Due to the interest in drive rebuild times of storage systems with large-capacity drives, the storage systems tested were populated with four drive shelves of 500-GB SATA disk drives. Each system had at least 52 500-GB disk drives.

This report provides a complete description of the drive rebuild tests, shows the results of the drive rebuild tests and discusses the architecture of the Pillar Data Systems Axiom 500 storage system.

View the Pillar Data System Drive Rebuild Comparison White Paper (PDF, 354 KB)

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