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Demartek Identity Theft Prevention Tips and Commentary

Demartek Discusses Identity Theft Prevention Tips — May 2013

Identity theft, also known as ID theft and identity fraud, is a widespread and fast-growing crime. Although potentially anyone can be targeted, there are a number of practical steps that can be done to reduce the risk of becoming an identity theft victim. The recent well-publicized security breaches, ruin of financial reputations and even mistaken arrests of victims have triggered calls to action by individuals, businesses and government. The steps discussed in this workshop are applicable to all age groups. A great deal of the information presented applies to every person, even those who do not use computers.

The free Demartek "Identity Theft Prevention Tips - May 2013" presentation is provided for our clients and friends due to the popularity and necessity of this information.

View the presentation here. (PDF, 1007 KB)

Demartek also has a comprehensive guide on how to protect yourself from different forms of identity theft and fraud. This guide is available in both English and Spanish. A planned update to this guide is scheduled for Summer 2013.

View the December 2009 report — English
View the December 2009 report — Spanish (Español)