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Demartek EMC EmailXtender User Directed Archiving White Paper

25 April 2007

For a growing number of organizations, email archiving solutions have become an ideal and recommended way to retain and ensure access to corporate records that are created, transmitted and stored in email systems. These email archiving solutions enhance a company's ability to comply with regulatory and internal standards for data retention and the ability to find data when needed, either for internal use or for legal discovery. However, individual users find some centrally-managed email archiving solutions too rigid to adapt to individual or departmental needs. Some users prefer the flexibility they previously enjoyed with storing email in local PST or NSF files. An email archiving solution that can provide the right balance of user flexibility and familiar experience with centrally-managed email archiving functions can be a great advantage to an organization.

This white paper examines the new User Directed Archiving functions of EMC EmailXtender and its blend of user-organized folders with central email archiving management.

View the EMC EmailXtender User Directed Archiving White Paper (PDF, 216 KB)

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