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Demartek Evaluation: Seagate TurboBoost™ Enhanced Cache HDDs and Dell EMC PowerEdge R830

April 2017

In today’s world of digital transformation, organizations require high performance compute and hard disk drive (HDD) options that can match a broad spectrum of workloads. Equally essential in this world of flat and shrinking budgets is the application of the appropriate cost/performance HDDs to the workload for the best return on investment.

Every application has its own I/O demands, whether highly sequential, large block archiving and backups, random transactional processing, latency sensitive real time data analysis, or something altogether different. Storage and compute systems have to meet or exceed service expectations to keep businesses competitive. Where performance is essential, the Seagate TurboBoost™ Enhanced Cache 900GB 15K HDD SAS drives represent the peak in HDD technology. This newest addition to the HDD market promises performance improvement in throughput and response time for new storage deployments or as drop-in replacements. Keeping up with evolving standards, this drive comes in a legacy native 512 byte sector format (512n) and the newer four kilobyte sector size in a 512 byte emulation mode (512e) for easy integration into existing enterprise infrastructure.

This new generation of enterprise HDDs is also available with the right amount of flash per drive for enhanced I/O caching. Critical application workloads will benefit from a significant performance advantage without breaking the bank.

Demartek evaluated these new Enhanced Cache 15K HDDs using a Dell EMC PowerEdge R830 server for scalable and balanced performance in a variety of use cases to help IT experts make informed technology choices. Many workloads, such as OLTP, Webserver, Virtual Desktop, or other random read/write tasks, as shown within the test results below, may be best served by enterprise HDDs that can offer an extra performance boost with a flash cache.

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